Adult Fiction · Chick lit · Mystery & Thriller · Mystical · Time travel

Grey Magic by JT Lawrence

“Coffee is one of her daily reminders that magic does exist. – Raven Kane” Now that’s a sentiment I can support!

Adult Fiction · Adventure · Mystical · Mythology

Sealed Up by Steve Dunn Hanson

A tele-evangelist, a drug lord, a Mayan witch doctor, archaeologists and a DEA agent all collide in a race to find the centuries-old mystical Mayan records hidden somewhere in the Guatemalan mountains!

Adventure · Historical · Mystical

Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang

An empowering and mystical life journey filled with loss, determination, mistakes and love. It’s actually taken me a few days to sit down and do this review.  I had one of those empty feelings once I had finished, like someone inspirational in my life, someone I had enjoyed spending time with, had suddenly been taken…… Continue reading Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang