About Me

Hello and welcome!  One of the best feelings in the world is finding that one book that gives you a book hangover that lasts and lasts, and maybe, even makes me a better person.

In 2014 our family moved from beautiful Cape Town, South Africa to the tropical metropolis, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We have all settled in well, kids are off to school everyday and hubby is off to work everyday.  I’ve spent time setting up the house, re-organising and recently we had a gorgeous little French Bulldog puppy join our family.

So, now that even my puppy is house trained and life has settled into routine again in this new and strange country, I have time to dive into the latest book I’ve found via our expat book club, bookbub, word-of-mouth recommendations or just browsing Amazon recommendations.  I mainly read on my kindle as I know at some future stage we will be moving again and books are unfortunately heavy and really sad to part with, so with them all safely stored on my kindle, they are treasures I can read again where ever I may find myself!

Recently we visited Cape Town during the school holidays and while having coffee with a close friend, she suggested, and confirmed what I had been thinking, that I have the perfect opportunity at the moment to start a book blog!  Definitely can’t go wrong with books and coffee!

I mainly love reading crime mysteries/thrillers, epic fantasy adventure or historical fiction, but I have learned from being part of a book club, that I’m happy to read any book as long as it gets me turning those pages.  And I love finding an unexpected twist! Those are just delicious!