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Something Foul At Sweetwater by Sandra Bretting

An enjoyable Sunday afternoon read.

This is the second instalment in the Missy DuBois Mystery series and even though I had not read the first book, this story was easy to follow and hooked me with fun banter and spooky intrigue.

Missy DuBois is a hat-maker in Morningside, Louisiana, and even though the closest I’ve come to experiencing Southern lifestyles is via the cooking channel and reality TV, Sandra Bretting did an excellent job of bringing Louisiana right to my doorstep, from the quaint range of characters to the freaky voodoo customs. I appreciate when an author takes the time and writer-know-how to bring a setting to life while not feeling like a documentary.

On her way to work one morning, Missy cannot refuse the opportunity to view a beautiful mansion that has recently been put up for sale.  Who can resist peeking into the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Once inside, Missy cant help but think what an amazing shop/studio the mansion could be for her booming wedding hat industry and she could share the space with Abrose ‘Bo’ Jackson, who makes customs wedding gowns in the shop next to hers and just happens to be her roommate as well.

That afternoon, when Missy convinces Bo to view the mansion with her, they are totally shocked when they find the dead body of the realtor, Mellette Babineax, who is also a previous sorority sister of Missy’s.  And so, Missy is thrown headfirst into the mystery of who murdered Mellette Babineax.

This mystery is an easy read, with loads of interesting history about Louisiana’s civil war ties and voodoo culture thrown in. The characters are fun, diverse and the real Southern prose gems just add to the page-turning thrills.

I would recommend this fun, light-hearted mystery to anyone looking to enjoy some Southern flair intertwined with voodoo and a tiny bit of flirty romance. A few of the twists and turns are some-what predictable, but that seems to add to the scary, but safe and entertaining feel.

Something Foul at Sweetwater is available on Amazon, just click here and I rate it 3.5 stars.


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