Adult Fiction

Doubt by C.E Tobisman

Las Vegas had struck Caroline as an improbable metropolis that had sprung from the cracked earth fully grown, like an overfertilized version of Jack’s beanstalk.” – Doubt

Caroline, fresh out of law school, and trying to run away from her murky past in computer hacking, lands the perfect job at a top Los Angeles law firm.  She is ready for the new direction her life is taking, especially motivated by the chance to finally earn honest money and move out of her mother’s house and all the shameful secrets it holds.

At first, her new job and boss seem to be totally perfect.  The Big Firm who finally stands up for the little people who are constantly being taken advantage of, but is everything as perfect as it seems?

Caroline Auden is thrown in the deep end at her job when her new boss gives her the firm’s biggest case to investigate.  He is hoping her knowledge of digging up information on the internet will help them get the edge they need to win the case.

Doubt is listed under legal thriller and normally these books are full of court room twists and dark intrigue.  Even though Doubt does have it’s fair share of action, adventure and legal twists, most of  the book does seem a bit naive and a tad predictable.  However, I did feel intrigued enough to keep reading and enjoyed the twists, even though some of them were pretty much a foregone conclusion.

I love it when a book teaches me a few things about subjects I don’t normally encounter and I certainly learnt a bit about computer/internet hacking and the moral dilemma facing hackers. Where does one draw the line about finding information, especially if the end result is to help someone?

While browsing more information about the author, C.E. Tobisman, I came across her website, which was quite entertaining, although very brief. It’s interesting finding out about the authors I’ve read and the internet has made that so easy.  The blurb on the bottom of her website says *this website was created by 8-year-olds*, great added little gem.  It’s very refreshing when people don’t take themselves too seriously.  This is her debut novel and she’s previously written comics and screenplays which kind of explains the quirky and fun writing style of Doubt, also explains the slightly bizarre action bits.

I recommend Doubt to anyone who wants to enjoy a light legal thriller.  It starts off a little slowly, but does pick up the pace. And C.E. Tobisman’s writing style has quite a few little descriptive gems, example above, that made it easy to keep reading.

I rated Doubt by C.E. Tobisman 3 stars and it is available on Amazon.

The sequel, Proof, will be released in June 2017 according to the author’s website.


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