Adult Fiction · Psychological thriller

Crush by Frédéric Dard

“There are times when you could understand a maid spitting in the soup.” – Louise Lacroix

Louise, frustrated by the predictability of her life, finds an escape by getting a job as the maid with the lavish American couple. Their life seems the bright and beautiful oasis to the drab factory town of Leopoldville, Paris, France and the perfect escape from her mother’s plain, threadbare existence, married to a failing husband.

When first meeting Louise and her ambition to do something else with her life, I found myself rooting for her, wishing her hopes and dreams at her young age will come true. Her dark humour is bewitching and her honesty about life is very refreshing.

But then, things start happening and then a devastating tragedy strikes in the Rooland household and one starts to wonder, is Louise telling me the truth or am I, the reader, being played? What is the truth?

Frédéric Dard has masterly hidden Louise’s cunning nature behind a cleverly written self-professed naivety which draws in the readers sympathies only to realise we have been fooled just as much as the Rooland’s were.

This book is only 160 pages and is an enticing short novel about infatuation, lies, deception and ambition. This was more of a psychological suspense than a mystery & thriller it’s advertised to be. This book has also been beautifully translated by Daniel Seton, especially getting the nuances right in building the deception and transporting the reader to 1050’s industrial France.

Crush by Frédéric Dard is available on Amazon, just click here.




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