Adult Fiction · Chick lit · Mystery & Thriller · Mystical · Time travel

Grey Magic by JT Lawrence

“Coffee is one of her daily reminders that magic does exist. – Raven Kane” Now that’s a sentiment I can support!

If modern day witching ever became a thing, Raven is just the kind of witch I would envision.  Living in her Gandmother’s house, surrounded by her animals and using Twitter, Facebook and email to reach her clients.

When first meeting Raven Kane, I did think she needed a bit of Mary Poppins in her life. Raven is in crisis control, her house is falling apart, her bond payments are in arrears, social networking is getting out of control and the Wicked Witches are wrecking havoc throughout the city. Not to mention Raven’s burning hot skin episodes and asthmatic blue lips. She’s burnt-out. Yes, please, call Mary Poppins 🙂

And just when you think nothing else could possibly go wrong, Raven is accused of murder! Now Raven will finally have to face her past find the answers to why she is forever burning up in order to have the strength to clear her name.

I loved the modern-day setting with witches providing services on social media. I also loved reading the South African nuances throughout the book. Living in Malaysia, so far away from my hometown, beautiful Cape Town, I really enjoyed the Ja well…, the empty papsak and the general feel of living in Johannesburg.

The book is full of interesting characters, from an angry sister to a totally hot police detective.  Not to mention the crazy, volatile mob squatting outside her door. It has an easy-to-read feel to it and the characters are believable and full of life and magic!

So if you want to know whether Raven Kane overcomes all the obstacles in her hexing and texting life, be sure to grab your copy of Grey Magic, available on Amazon, just click here.




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