Adventure · Chick lit · Time travel · Young Adult

Death Thieves by Julie Wright

What a fun, rollercoaster read! Lovable characters and a brain-boggling time-travel experience, all wrapped up in a “it’s the end of the human existence” theme!

*I received a free copy of this book in return for my honest review.*

It’s been a while since I was really absorbed by a character! I must admit, in the beginning I just wanted to throttle Summer Rae for her total self-absorbtion, but not too far in, she matures, learns to see things from some-one’s perspective, learns a bit of compassion, but doesn’t lose her true identity in the process. I could be really philosophical and say Summer Rae found her humanity in a world that was losing it’s humanity. I know.

The term rollercoaster is a bit over-used in describing a fast-paced plot, but the term really fits with this book. It truly is a time-travel, humanity saving rollercoaster.

Summer Dawn Rae, the rebellious twin sister of Winter Eve Rae, has sneaked a quick lunch with her boyfriend, but on their way back, they are in a terrible car accident and Summer and her boyfriend die. Only, Summer doesn’t actually die, Taggart, a soldier from the future, stops time and rescues Summer from the crash and tries to time-travel Summer to the year 2113. BUT, Summer thinks she’s too clever for her abductor and tries to the use the Orbital (Tag’s time-travel device) only to cause them to go hurtling through time and land them in tough situations. Luckily though, Tag has more patience than I do (I might just have left Summer right there in 2097 after all the chaos she caused) and manages to rectify the situation and finds another safe place to get back to his time, only they have to wait a few days together for that time-travelling window to open.

It’s in this time that Tag and Summer forge a friendship that will go beyond their “class” separations in the future and that will help them overcome the true evil-doers of the future.

I found myself really rooting for Summer through-out the last half of the book, hoping she would find a way to save the human race. The ending wasn’t what I was expecting, but was a fitting conclusion, I would love to say more, but don’t want to be guilty of spoilers.

Another lovely theme in the book is Summer’s relationship with her Aunt and Uncle, who are currently raising Summer and Winter. In the beginning, Summer has nothing but contempt for her aunt and her strict house rules, but the longer Summer is away from her true time, she starts understanding and even missing her Aunt. I think we can all relate to that growth, as teenagers we think we know everything, only later, once we’re surviving life on our own do we appreciate all our parents did for us.

This is a quite a difficult book to put in a category as it has a YA read to it, but it also deals with themes that anyone can relate to. So, if you enjoy YA, New Adult, Time-travel and/or Romance books, you can find Death Thieves on Amazon, just click here.

I was quite happy to see that Julie Wright has written quite a few more books as she wrote her first book as a teenager, so I’ll definitely be reading some of those too.  Here’s a link to her website for more of her books.

I would give this book 4 stars.








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